When you have hard-working equipment that could benefit from replacement parts or technology enhancements, Precision Prototype & Machine can make it happen. Jack appreciates the strength of tried-and-true machines, and he believes these workhorses can be even more indispensable when the best replacement parts are crafted and the newest adaptations are incorporated.

He did just that with his own lathe. The Lodge and Shipley engine lathe was a priceless piece of machinery. It was owned by an elderly journeyman machinist who had been machining quality parts on it since the 1930s.

When the lathe became available, Jack recognized its classic value. He also saw the potential for adding the computerization that would combine traditional accuracy and strength with modern technology.

The first effort was cleaning and painting this timeless piece of equipment. Then, Jack machined and fabricated a mount for the 3 phase motor and an adapter for the head shaft. After adding a new belt drive and Variable Frequency Drive system, he designed a modern control panel and added a Digital Read Out.

Today, this lathe offers high accuracy and quality output. With an 18 swing and 54 between centers, it has stood the test of time and now serves the needs of the most technologically advanced medical suppliers and manufacturing facilities.

Combining Traditional Accuracy and Strength
with Modern Technology

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