Medical Products and Prototypes. Because we have extensive experience in the medical industry, your medical components, products, and prototypes can be crafted for specialized applications of all types.
Medical Products and Prototypes
Prototypes for new products and applications. Share your concept and we’ll team with you to develop what you need. Or, provide complete specifications and we’ll produce the highest quality prototype.
Components and Parts for production products. Using your design and product specifications, we’ll fabricate the custom metal, plastic, and composite components with the turnaround you need. For unique needs, we can help design the custom parts that will respond to your requirements.
Components and Parts

With full capabilities that include milling, drilling, turning, and fabricating, we can respond to your requirements for:

Precision Prototype & Machine is a full-service shop ready to support your manufacturing needs, create parts for your equipment, and partner with you on specialized R&D projects. Whether you need
1 prototype or a complete production run, you’ll get quality products, precision craftsmanship, and on-time delivery.
Machine Repair and Upgrades to keep manufacturing lines operating at full capacity. Working on your premises, consultation with your team members can provide solutions to manufacturing challenges, including components and assemblies that can be incorporated into your processes.
Machine Repair and Upgrades
Product Rework to modify existing components. When products from other suppliers aren’t exactly what you need or want, the parts can be modified and re-machined to meet your expectations.
Product Rework
Machine Upgrades to modernize quality machinery. If you have older equipment that would benefit from state-of-the-art upgrades, our experience includes adding computer technology and other modernization techniques to enhance productivity and application opportunities.
Machine Upgrades
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